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More Than Flights: Your NT Air Charter Partner for Unforgettable Journeys

At Balam Air, we’re more than just an air charter company. We’re your passionate partner in exploring the magic of the Northern Territory. We specialize in crafting personalized air charter experiences that cater to the specific needs of discerning travelers like you – government agencies, private travel operators, tour groups, and adventurous individuals.

Balam Air "the heart of your Outback adventure" based at Ayers Rock/Uluru

We understand that air travel can be daunting. So we go the extra mile to make your journey as smooth and effortless as possible. So if you’re looking for a professional, reliable and safe air charter service in the Australian Outback, look no further than Balam Air.

Phil and Eve Halliwell

Phil and Eve Halliwell, adopted Territorians. Phil is a Kiwi, Eve is an Aussie who sounds like a Kiwi, both have a passion for helping, and getting things done.

Phil and Eve love adventure and have travelled far and wide around the world.

They take pride in being professional, making sure all requirements of our passengers are met. Prioritising safety above all else.

It’s not every day that one encounters a Jaguar in the jungles of Mexico, but that’s exactly what happened to Eve, and it changed the course of her life forever. Welcome to the inspiring story of Balam Air.

During her first visit to Mexico, Eve was trekking through the jungle when a Jaguar (yes, a real one!) emerged from within the foliage. Eve and the magnificent creature shared a moment of stillness, staring at each other intently. Eve thought it was the end of her, but the Jaguar turned and disappeared back into the jungle, unknowingly altering the course of Eve’s life forever. In that moment, Eve experienced a cartoon-like “life passing before her eyes” moment and decided to leave her career in I.T. behind to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot. She started by becoming a Qantas Flight Attendant, and then resigned from this beloved role to continue her journey to becoming a commercial pilot.

This transformative experience also led to the re-connection of two people who had been waiting for the perfect time. While it may sound like a love story (which it is), it also helps to see the big picture of how we got to where we are today.

Phil, the owner and director, works in the electrical field maintaining the Yulara (Ayers Rock/Uluru township) power station, generating power for the thousands of tourists who come to visit the world-famous “Uluru.”

Eve is a pilot who wants to make a difference in the Outback as well as helping the local community.

The Mayan word for Jaguar is Ba’alam, or Balam. Phil brings the Air to our name.

At Balam Air, we strive to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients. Whether you’re looking for adventure, romance, or simply a breathtaking view of the world from above, we’ve got you covered.

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