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Aviatrix Affirmation Cards | Inspiring Female Pilots | Flying


Aviatrix Affirmation Cards© by Balam Air

Empower Your Flight Path with Confidence!

For the budding aviator and the determined female pilot carving her path, Balam Air presents the Aviatrix Affirmation Cards© – the first of their kind. Whether you’re a student pilot, gearing up for your first job, or navigating the ups and downs of training, these cards are your co-pilot, reassuring you of your innate strength and potential.

Why Choose Aviatrix Affirmation Cards?

  1. Exclusively Crafted for Female Pilots: While designed with an understanding of the challenges faced by newer pilots, these cards resonate with aviatrixes at all stages, they address specific challenges faced during training, instilling pilot confidence and resilience.
  2. Premium Quality: Each card, printed on sturdy 350gsm, showcases beautiful imagery – a mix of personal photographs and unique AI designs, reflecting the jaguar’s spirit and journey that began Balam Air.
  3. Conveniently Sized: Crafted to be a pilot’s companion, these cards fit easily into pockets or flight bags, allowing you to take inspiration with you, wherever the skies take you.
  4. Personal Touch: Dive into the intimate stories behind each card, drawing from the personal experiences and challenges faced by a fellow aviatrix.

The Balam Air Promise: Our cards aren’t just affirmations; they’re a legacy, a token of belief, and a testament to every female pilot’s journey. They echo a sentiment – “I am enough.”

While the skies might seem vast and challenging, remember, you’re not alone on this flight. As the first offering of its kind, these cards are your silent boost of confidence, reassuring you of your capabilities and your dreams.

So, are you ready to take off with unwavering belief? Add these cards to your journey, and let’s fly high together!

Grab Some Now!

  • 50 x Aviatrix Affirmation Cards plus 1 instruction card – Perfect to fit in your pocket or flight bag!
  • Size: 8.9cm (H) x 6.3cm (W) x 3.0cm (D)
  • Paper: 350gsm
  • Weight: 144g (includes cards and box)

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