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Air Charter Services

Balam Air: Your Outback Australia Charter and Flight Specialist

Do you need to transport your team, clients, or VIPs to remote locations in the Northern Territory quickly and efficiently?

Balam Air offers a personalised air charter solution designed to meet your specific requirements.

Key Routes:

Tailored Air Charters for Every Need, with flexibility to suit your needs. We regularly fly private passenger charters, as well as freight and FIFO charters to or from our Ayers Rock base. We can also do charters between other airports to suit your requirements.  Please give us a call or contact us on the form below for a quote.

  • Preferred Supplier to NT Government
  • Romantic Private Charters
  • Local Trade & Specialist Services
  • Full-Day Charters
  • Proudly NT Registered Company
  • Licensed & Insured Operator
  • Uncompromising Safety Standards

Benefits of Flying with Balam Air:

  • Reduced Travel Time (Maximize on-site work hours, not driving time. Potential savings on accommodation and expenses).
  • Minimising staff and guest fatigue.
  • On-Demand Departures
  • Multi-Destination Travel
  • Enhanced Productivity

Connect with some of Our Primary Destinations:

  • Ayers Rock to Alice Springs
  • Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon (Kings Creek Station)
  • Ayers Rock to Curtin Springs
  • Customisable Full DayHalf Day/Overnight Charter
  • Wingellina
  • Ernabella
  • Docker River
  • Curtin Springs ( a quick lunch or scenic around “Fooluru” (Mt Conner, ask us about its name!)
  • Warburton

Balam Air – Your Trusted Partner

  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Certified by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) – We operate under an existing Air Operators Certificate (AOC) that complies with all CASA safety regulations and rules, meaning you can trust us to get you where you need to go with confidence.
  • Experience the ultimate in cost-effective, time-effective, and customizable private air charter flights with Balam Air. Whether you’re transporting staff, management, your guests or cargo, we’re here to make it happen, all with a commitment to safety and efficiency. Book your flight with Balam Air today and take to the skies with confidence.

We have a variety of aircraft available. All are known for their safety and reliability.

  • Cessna 206 – 5 Passengers
  • Cessna 172 – 3 Passengers
  • GA8 Airvan – 7 Passengers

Request a Quote Below:

Reach Out to Balam Air | For inquiries, bookings, or to request more information, feel free to contact us below

Balam Air & NT Charter Air Services

Address: Ayers Rock Connellan Airport,
Yulara, NT, Australia

Phone: +61 4 818 41 737


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